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Day 1 (November 13) @ Asia University

Participants assemble at Evergreen Laurel Hotel for taking shuttle bus to Asia University. The event will be held at the auditorium, started by opening ceremony and followed by two keynote speeches by Director Hiroshi Nishikawa from Fujitsu, and Maggie Peng from IDEO Shanghai.Five parallel sessions, including Poster exhibitions, will be held at Asia University Museum of Modern Art, designed by world renowned Architect Tadao Ando. In the evening, Participants will go to a historic building for dinner. The restaurant was originally funded by Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan in 2000. The goal of which was to help local farmers’ families increase their incomes. The ingredients are all from local farmers. You may taste home-made style delicacies.


Speech title: Co-Creation for Success

Hiroshi Nishikawa is Director of Marketing Strategy at Fujitsu Limited. Throughout 23 years of his career at Fujitsu, he has acquired a deep knowledge of technology and gained broad international experience. He received his MBA from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at University of Michigan, and a Master of Science in Physics from Osaka University. In his speech, he shares Fujitsu’s insights from customer engagements with its digital service business, and a recent survey of 1,600 key decision makers across 16 countries, revealing new service models in the digital world, and the key-enablers of successful co-creation across industries.


Speech title: The Artistry of Design: The Muse and the Therapist

Ms. Maggie Pengis an architect with 20 years of experience in cultural, commercial, retail, lifestyle, and residential projects in New York, San Francisco and Shanghai. She worked with internationally recognized architecture firms prior to establishing Maggie Peng Studio in 2004. In 2010, she relocated to Shanghai and later became design lead at IDEO Shanghai. People imagine design and designers to be the muse for the creation, leading the way with inspiration and dedication. In her talk, the artistry of design is to be unveiled- the designer serves as the therapist, giving confidence to the stakeholders and organizations involved that a better future can exist through design.



Day 2 (November 14) @ ITRI Nantou

ITRI Nantou is the venue for today’s conference. Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is a consortium established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1977. It has many branches and Nantou branch, opened in 2014, is one where most attendees do not have a chance to visit. In ITRI’s familiar yet mysterious construction, we shall have 6 parallel sessions (including one workshop) and 2 keynote speeches. Expert from NEC, and the first female director of the Chinese Society of Engineersare going to share with us their vision toward the future with an emphasis on applications of service science and technology. After the spiritual feasts, we will take you to a vegetarian restaurant for dinner. Participants who must eat meat, please register for additional arrangement. If you are interested in performing arts. National Taichung Theater is recommended for you to visit during the night time.


Speech title: Useful Uselessness - The Origin of a Creative Industry

Dr. Hsueh, Wen-Jean is Vice President of National Taiwan University of Arts since 2016.In a culture that prizes practicality, the Creativity Laboratory of ITRI, given the mission of venturing into the wilderness of cross-disciplinary innovation, experienced undercurrents rooted in the essence of humanity. Being co-founder and general director of the Lab 2004-2013, Dr. Wen-Jean Hsueh will share her findings in the talk. She was the first female member elected to the board of directors at the 101-year-old Chinese Institute of Engineers. In her “previous life” she pioneered 3D camera and 3D display research at ITRI collaborating with MIT 1996-2003. In contrast, being Vice President of NTUA, she once again plays the role of pioneer bridging the gap of technology and the arts.


Speech title: Well-being of Manufacturers through IoT Service

Ms. Miwako Satois the general manager of MONOZUKURI solutions division at NEC Corporation. She has been engaged in business process outsourcing, ICT outsourcing services and ICT services for manufacturing industry. To promote the benefits of IoT systems be easily understandable for the manufacturers in the trial phase of development and well-being of workers be guaranteed in the operational phase, this presentation spotlights barriers to introducing IoT-enabled services and elaborates on how an ICT service provider explores its solution with factory workers.



Day 3 (November 15) @ Evergreen Laurel Hotel

Shuttle bus drivers take a day off today. The conference will be taken place at Evergreen Laurel Hotel. We are going to have 6 parallel sessions and 2 keynote speeches. Expert from AIST and SRII are going to share their insights. Closing ceremony and dinner are to be held at the hotel. Prior to dinner, the manager of Evergreen Laurel Hotel will give us a brief on the development history of its funding group - Evergreen Group, initially started as a shipping company. Just prior to the closing ceremony, a forum is arranged for leaders of service research societies from different countries to illustrate their visions toward our common future. 


Speech title: ISO Standardization Activities on Services: Service Excellence, Healthcare services, Sharing economy

Dr. Masaaki Mochimaru, Director, Human Informatics Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). He joined AIST in 1993. In 1997-2016, he was the chair of ISO TC159 (ergonomics)/SC3 (anthropometry and biomechanics). In recent years, his research interests are expanded to service engineering and servitization. In his talk, the latest development in ISO that are related to services will be introduced. This is an important issue that all participants in service fields must learn.


Speech title: The Future of Software: Platform, Solutions & Services

Dr. Kris Singh, Founder & CEO of Service Research & Innovation Institute (SRII), Palo Alto, California.Kris has been a senior leader in the IT industry for nearly 30 years. Kris has also been working closely with academia (UC Berkeley, Santa Clara U., and Tsinghua U. in China, to name a few) to help drive “Innovation in Education & Entrepreneurship”. This keynote talk will discuss the new realities of the “Digital Economy & Society” and changing and growing focus for Software engineering, which includes many key topics: "Infrastructure as Code", Federated Architecture/Scale Out, Physical/Digital Integration, Everything on Demand, among others.


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