Tracks and Topics of Interests


The meaning of “SERVICE+” has three folds: First, it refers to “A+”, indicating pursuing excellence in service R&D; Secondly, it implies that service has become a “plus” for everything and everyone, and; Thirdly, for the first time, two major institutes in service research in Asia co-host an academic conference, manifesting a new era for development of tertiary industries.



Papers to be accepted should fit at least one of the following attributes:

  • Science – service management, service X-logy (ontology, epistemology, methodology) etc.
  • Engineering - service engineering, smart systems, IoT, VR/AR, autonomy, etc.
  • Reinventing – service innovation, service design, service tools, intellectual property, etc.
  • Value – service value, knowledge, performance, business, industry, government, environment, etc.
  • Integration – service mindset, theories, procedures, technologies, industries, etc.
  • Co-creation – with users, employees, clients, governments, international providers, etc.
  • Economy - experience economy, sharing economy, circular economy, creative economy, etc.
  • +(plus) – emerging concepts (ex: artificial humanity) or things that are relevant to service.



When submitting the abstract, the authors choose one of the following formats to prepare the final camera ready:
Full paper (8-10 pages), Short paper (4-6 pages), and Poster paper (1 page). 

For session proposals, all presentations should be in one catrgory (Full papers, Short papers or Posters). Authors should submit abstracts through Easychair. One person can make only one submission as a first author. There can be another submission(s) if the person is not the first author. Proposals for organized sessions should be submitted in the same way as abstracts. All session contributors should be included as authors and the abstracts should contain the description of the session and the titles of 4-5 presentations.

Accepted session proposals will be included in the program as organized sessions. All the authors included in the proposal should be able to participate in the session. Even if you have submitted an abstract as a first author, you can be included in one session proposal as a first author. For session proposals, all presentations should be in one category (Full papers, Short papers or Posters).

Session proposals relevant to any sub-theme about or around "SERVICE" is welcomed.

Please submit your session proposal with the following information:
(1) Title – Title of your session
(2) Abstract - Brief of your session proposal within 500 words, including Titles of 4-5 presentations and introduction of thesession host (within 50 words).
(3) Keywords – one keyword from each presentation



All accepted papers (including Poster paper, but not the poster itself) will be published in digital format. Quality papers will be recommended to related journals, such as Journal of Serviceology, Journal of Service Science, International Journal of Electronic Business, Journal of Design, and International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries.



April 6         Abstract submission deadline
April 30       Session proposal submission deadline
May 15        Notification of acceptance
July 15        Camera-ready submission (Full paper)
July 31        Camera-ready submission (Short paper and Poster paper)
Aug. 15       Full paper feedback
Sep. 15       Camera-ready submission (Full papers ) (for refined papers only)
Sep. 1-30    Early bird Registration
Nov. 13-15  Conference