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ICSSI-2022 Conference Program

Day1 Day2 Day3
Day 1 Nov. 17 2022 (Thursday)
Venue: EMBA Center/ Alumni Center
Time Event
08:30- Registration
Session A
(Jong Shyn Conference Room)
Session Chair: Yuzhu Li
Panel session
(Doctor Hsieh Conference Room)
Chair: Shih-Hsiang Sung

A1. #23 Understanding the Effects of Service Experience on Purchase Intention in O2O Commerce

A2. #60 Exploring the Drivers of Purchasing Insurance Online: An Integration of Theory of Planned Behavior and Affordance Theory

A3. #68 Understanding the Drivers of Podcast Usage from the TTF Theory Perspective

A4. #34 Constructing the Quality Indexes of Online Artificial Intelligent Based Customer Service (AICS)

A5. #72 Exploring the Role of Organizational Digital Dexterity in Digital Transformation

   Digital Entrepreneurship in Asia

  1. Alex Chang, Associate Professor, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

  2. Young-Jin Ko, Assistant Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea 

  3. Mohammad Iqbal, Head of Department, Brawijaya University, Indonesia

10:15-10:30 Coffee break
10:30-11:00 Conference opening

Keynote speech
(Lasertek International Conference Hall)

Speaker: Antonio Cesare Iadarola
(Founder and Design Director, Studio Wé/ Service Design Lead, Livework studio /Chapter Co-Founder, SDN New York)

Designing Work Futures New human-centric artifacts and processes we might need in the era of the metaverse
Poster session
(On the Outside of Lasertek International Conference Hall)
  1. #06 Factors Affecting Consumers’ Willingness to Use Self-checkout Machines During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  2. #16 How to Scaffold Consensus Building? A Systematic Review on Digital Tools for Group Consensus Building”

  3. #24 “Ethical or Utilitarian? The Antecedents of Attitude Ambivalence Regarding Online Meal Delivery Service During a Pandemic”

  4. #30 “Exploring Metaverse Words and Technological Changes from Patent Data”

  5. #41 “Value Assessment Framework of NFTs -A Content Analysis of NFT Winner Cases”

  6. #46 “Crowdfunding Platform Based on Smart Contract of Blockchain”

  7. #50 “Viewing DeFi from the Russia-Ukrainian War in 2022: A Perspective of Push-Pull-Mooring Theory”

  8. #52 “Reciprocity Between Humans and Robots Affected by Helping Costs and Emotions”

  9. #61 “Factors Impacting Older People to Use a Food Delivery Platform in Taiwan – A Literature Review”

  10. #65 “Strategy Adjustments in Hospitality Industry during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Taiwan

  11. #03 “Service Design Tool: How to use the Pyramidal Contradiction Matrix for Designer to get Solutions“


Keynote speech
(Lasertek International Conference Hall)

Speaker: Aditya Ghose
(Professor of Computer Science at the University of Wollongong, and Director of its Decision Systems Lab)

Digital twins of services and organizations: The role of the Metaverse
Session B
(Jong Shyn Conference Room)
Session Chair: Wiyata
Session C
(Doctor Hsieh Conference Room)
Session Chair: Hua Sun
Panel session
(Lasertek International Conference Hall)
Introducing a toolset for digital transformation

B1. #71 Toward Automated Integrated Service Composition for Dynamic IoT Systems

B2. #66 Firm Performance Forecasting Service using Machine Learning Techniques

B3. #42 Smart Service Encounter: Exploring Smart Vending Services by Dramaturgical Performance

B4. #05 Personalized Product Set Recommendation Service : Using Cosmetic Review Dataset

B5. #28 AI-enabled Chatbots Humanness: The Role of Social Distance and Message Interactivity on Customer Service Satisfaction

C1. #43 Mitigating Social Loafing in Metaverse Virtual Reality-Supported Teams

C2. #22 The psychological impact of anthropomorphic augmented reality technology in somatosensory service and retail settings

C3. #08 NFT (Non-Fungible Token): A New Way for Brand-Consumer Interaction

C4. #13 Green resource capabilities, knowledge integration capabilities, and digital transformation capabilities towards green service innovation

C5. #49 “Research on the Convenience Store Online Shopping App's Interface Usability and Perceived Ease of Use”

Moderator: Jack Hsu


  1. Giant power moving  master

  2. MHT Home cleaning company

15:15-15:40 Coffee break
Session D
(Jong Shyn Conference Room)
Session Chair: Nicholas Danks
Session E
(Doctor Hsieh Conference Room)
Session Chair: Young-Jin Ko
Session F
(Lasertek International Conference Hall)
Session Chair: Jeeyeon Kim

D1. #37From response to recovery: investigating how luxury hotels frame responses to online negative reviews on service failures No show

D2. #10 Examining Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) in Digital Transformation Success

D3. #31 Context of Experience in Contemporary Service Science

E1. #59 Exploring the Sustainability Measures in the Hospitality Industry: a case study of the hotel industry in Taiwan

E2. #11 Framing Effects or Stereotypes? Exploring Consumers' Eye Movements During the Purchasing Decision Process

E3. #40 When We Work Together: Self-efficacy and Persuade to Collaborate among Coworkers of A Large Financial Holding Company in Taiwan

F1. #62 Competition and Cooperation of Social Media

F2. #67 The Roles of Gratification Opportunities and Demographics in Determining Usage Behavior of Taiwanese Social Media Users

F3. #47 InJoy: an Alcohol- Sensing Device that Helps Novice Drinkers Understand their Drinking Status

16:30-17:00 Move to Alumni Service Center, NSYSU
Welcome Reception
(Alumni Center)
and beverage will be served)


Day 2 Nov. 18 2022 (Friday)
Venue: EMBA Center/ Alumni Center






Keynote speech
(Lasertek International Conference Hall)

Speaker: Ee-Peng Lim
(Lee Kong Chian Professor of Computer Science)

Visual AI for Digital Health: Opportunities & Challenges


Coffee break


Keynote speech
(Doctor Hsieh Conference Room)

Speaker: Mauricio Manhaes
(Group Lead of the SDN Academic Task Force)

Metaverse and Financial Literacy: Exploring opportunity spaces for financial education supported by visual cognition and real-world regularities


Move to Alumni Service Center, NSYSU


Lunch break


Session G
(Alumni Center)
Session Chair: Hen Kai Wah
Session H
(Alumni Center)
Session Chair: I-Ling Yen


G1. #07 A pilot study for green transport mode choice: Experimental investigation for EV use in Vietnam (Gogoro and Tesla use) No show

G2. #63 A Qualitative Study of Online participation in Humor Fandom

G3. #04 “The Effect of Ecosystem-Oriented Coopetition Capability on Service Innovation No show

G4. #64 The Institutionalization of Farmers Association Service Offerings via LINE Group During COVID-19 Pandemic

G5. #44 Investigating the effect of negative word of mouth on consumers’ satisfaction under uncertainty: a case study using Go- jek in Indonesia during COVID-19 pandemic No show

H1. #26 Team up with PNaviBot: Design a Human-AI Collaborative Chatbot for PrEP Navigators in Taiwan

H2. #38 The Influence of Goal Orientation on Users’ Behavioral Intention: The Mediation Role of Financial Incentive

H3. #19 Exploring the Potential of Artificial Intelligence- Based Design Card Systems to Facilitate Ideation

H4. #69 Exploring the Relationship Between the Gamification Driving Factors and Consumers’ Use Intention with the Metaverse Industry - A Case Study of the Game Roblox

H5. #45 To see is to believe through social AR: A mechanism from user's point-of-view (POV) sharing


Local tour




Day 3 Nov. 19 2022 (Saturday)
Venue: College of Management






Session I
(College of Management 2016)
Session Chair: Ryan Brading
Session J
(College of Management 4069)
Session Chair: Neeraj Parolia


I1. #48 The Impact of the Service Innovation Announcement on the Stock Price – The case of Metaverse” 

I2. #57 Exploring the Contents and Composition of the Customer Demand Chain for Service Innovations

I3. #58 Exploring the Service Innovation Process in Developing the Mobile Banking Services and Apps of the Financial Service Industry from the Perspectives of Resource-Based Theory and Value Co- creation

I4. #09 Appropriability Regimes in Knowledge-Intensive Business Services in Taiwan

J1. #51 Network Growth of the Internet Memes: A Perspective from Content Controversiality

J2. #32 A Neural Network Embedded System for License Plate Number Recognition No show

J3. #33 Financial Literacy and Online P2P Lending Adoption: Evidence from Taiwan

J4. #15 Application and Analysis of Deep Learning to Extreme Weather Affecting Flight Safety


Meeting Journal Editors – Fast Track Review Submission Guideline

Session Chair: Yu Wen Hung
Chao-Min Chiu
Associate Editor, Journal of Electronic Commerce Research
Jacob Chia-An Tsai
Managing Editor, Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems



  • For those papers that are accepted by the conference and the authors have registered the conference successfully, the studies will be included in the proceedings of ICSSI 2022. However, a certificate of presentation will not be provided if the authors failed to present their paper in according session.


 ICSSI 2022 Presentation Guidelines